Software DownLoads


All of the downloads on this page were found on various other sites. I take no credit or responsibility for the workability of any of the
programs on this page. If you are the author or contributor of any of these files I hope you will continue to allow me to offer them here. I have not changed any of them. What is/was freeware/shareware when I downloaded them remains as it was at the time I found them. For most files you will require a fille compression utility such as WinZip or PKZip.

Aicraft Designer
(66 kb)
Design is designed to help you build models by allowing you to free-hand a scetch on the computer, make changes to the scetch and print a template on your printer.
(61 kb)
The AIRFOIL DESIGNERS WORKSHOP is a unique piece of software for aircraft designers and modelers who like to design and create their own aircraft plans. The software allows the user to create new, or modify existing airfoil shapes, specify chord widths for the airfoils and then output the airfoils shapes to a DXF or HPGL format graphic file, or an ASCII text file of ordinate data. The DXF file can be loaded into many popular CAD programs where it can be edited or combined with another drawing. The HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphic Language) file can be sent to a number of popular pen plotters or printers via supporting software.

CompuFoil Professional
(603 kb)
CompuFoil Professional is the most powerful airfoil plotting and editing software available. It can with minimal effort produce full sets of ribs in straight taper, elliptical, or modified elliptical planforms for built up wings, or templates for foam wings. This includes sheeting compensation, wire kerf compensation, leading edges, v-notches, building jig holes, spar slots, etc.
(86 kb)
CompuPrint was designed to print all the airfoil in a directory with a selected file extension. It was intended to be uses with CompuFoil Professional, the most advanced airfoil template modification and generation software available. 

Flight Log
(147 kb) 
Keep a record of your flights for each aircraft... Just like the full-scale guys.

 Foam Wing Template Program
(87 kb)
This program allows you to generate the templates necessary to cut foam wings. A simple application that has some sample templates to get you started.

 Model Airplane Colour Designer
(55 kb)
This program lets you virtually design a colour scheme for your model without having to paint it twice! 

 NACA Airfoil Generator
(V 2.0 - 69 kb)
 This program calculates & plots naca 4-digit airfoil section"

 NACA Airfoil Generator
(V 2.1- 106 kb)
 This program calculates & plots naca 4-digit airfoil section"
(33 kb)
Shareware program to convert ".pcx" format files to ".dxf" format for use with CAD programs.
(738 kb)
Another program to convert ".pcx" format files to ".dxf" format for use with CAD programs. Designed by Phil Koopman Sr., decesced,originally as a shareware program.  Now made available as freeware by Phil Koopman Jr.
(407 kb)
The Airfoil plot program is a set of programs that plot airfoils using many dot-matrix printers. The Airfoil Plot program consists of four modules that provide for entering airfoil coordinates, editing airfoil data, modifying and combining airfoil data, plotting airfoils, and setting up the printer for the program. The Airfoil Plot program will
plot airfoils from coordinates saved to disk or from built-in equations (Quabeck, NACA 4-digit, and NACA 5-digit airfoils). This program airfoils up to 45 inch chord length (22 inch chord for Commodore 64/128)
 PlotFoil 95
(149 kb)
Updated version of PlotFoil.

 WinFoil 2.11
(1.3 mb)
Print airfoils sections in metric or imperial dimensions.
Print one per page or automatically adjust to print more than one per page.
Print airfoils for a range of chord lengths.
Print airfoil name, grid, chord length and coordinates.
Print to the windows clipboard.
Store airfoil lift, drag and pitching moment coefficients for airfoil
comparison and selection.
Export airfoil data for input into other programs.
Online help. 

 WinFoil 2.12
(923 kb)
 Update Winfoil 2.11 to 2.12.
(972 kb)
A complete list of all of the scale aircraft drawings in the seven volumes of "Aircraft Of The Fighting Powers". Originally compiled by Phil Koopman Sr., decesced, with sample drawings.  SAR has most of the drawings listed here. Do not attempt to order then from Phil.  I have the permission of Phil Koopman Jr. to freely distribute this list. Please address all inquiries to SAR.  Adobe Acrobat Reader required.


If you have some modelling related programs you would like to share with fellow Scale Modellers, Aviation Enthusiasts or surfers you can email the files to me and I'll check them out. I plan on updating this site about once a month so don't be mad if you do not see your submissions posted here immediately. If you would like to submit something just click on the envelope!